Our Customers Love Us Almost as Much as We Love Them

"Capital Vacuums cleaned a couch that others were unable to do."

- Margaret B.

"Great job."

- Eileen S.

"PROFESSIONAL, PROMPT, PARTICULAR, POLITE PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH, describes CAPITAL VACUUMS. Our ceramic kitchen and bathroom floors were in extremely bad shape. They were installed 44 years ago and the grout was never sealed. We thought there was no hope. A local tile company referred us to CAPITAL VACUUMS. Well, they came in and stripped, cleaned and sealed the floor. They did a beautiful job. Floors looked like new. Then, they proceeded to clean the carpets and again a great job. If a 5 star was the best I could give them, I would still give them a 10."

- Barbara

"I appreciate the Friendliness, discounts & service!"

- Andrea C.

"John and Ron have great customer skills. It's enjoyable to shop there. Very friendly atmosphere."

- Jack P.

"John, it's always been a pleasure doing business with you. I've been bringing my vacuum cleaners to you for repairs for years now, and you always return them in perfect working order, and for very reasonable charges. I also appreciate that fact that you never attempt to sell me a new vacuum if my current one is repairable. I also hired your establishment to deep-clean my carpets throughout my house, and I was very happy with those results, also. And again, the price was very reasonable. I am also appreciative of the fact that you will take old vacuum cleaners and repair them to donate to worthwhile causes. I think this is very admirable."

- Martha C., Albany, NY

"John was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his products. Very positive person."

- Linda M.

"On time as promised. The gentleman was polite and left no mess. Went out of his way to help."

- Rosemary E.

"The job was done thoroughly and was not rushed. My carpets were cleaned well - I am very satisfied with your services."

- Kilynn E.

"After going to Capital Vacuums to purchase bags for my existing vacuum, I was very impressed with the knowledge and service displayed by John. When my current vacuum broke down, there was no question as to where to go to either try and get it fixed or purchase a new one. As my vacuum was not repairable, John guided me through different products to replace it. He made me feel no pressure and most importantly did not point me to the most expensive models. I purchased a very reasonably priced, lightweight vacuum that I am immensely pleased with. I would highly recommend John at Capital Vacuum for supplies, repairs or sales!"

- Donna G

"Fast service and friendly."

- Carolyn S.

"Capital Vacuums Repaired my vacuum promptly and proficiently. Friendly, courteous, helpful Options presented in an informed, clear manner"

- Lois Heyer

"I felt very comfortable and assured that I was in good hands [and] buying a good product [with a] good guarantee."

- Brooke D.

"Very pleased with outcome. Offered explanations [and] answered questions. Happy with all aspects."

- Judy s.

"Thank you for helping me to buy a wonderful vacuum. The "Simplicity" and the air cleaner are both excellent products. I probably won’t see you for a while but want you to know that it was your kind and efficient service that I received years ago when I brought my Electrolux in for service that brought me back again. You are truly professional; I would recommend you to anyone."

- Marsha T.

"Mike was one of the nicest [people] I've ever had come to my home. He was courteous [and] clean. We were well satisfied with everything."

- Doreen B.

"Marty was terrific [and] the finished job is great! The floor [and] grout look brand new (just like Marty said it would). I'll recommend your services everytime. You were clean, timely, [and] professional start-to-finish. Our floor [and] grout look brand new."

- Steve R.

"My tile floors looked like new. I was ready to replace the tile because I never thought I could get the grout clean, but you saved me a lot of time and money. Thank you."

- Stacey R.

"I wanted to comment on the excellent service I always receive from Capital Vacuums. I have purchased replacement parts for my 30 year old Kirby vacuum for many years, and each time I need advice or repair you were very courteous, and repairs were always made quickly and at a very reasonable price.

When my motor went on the Kirby this past year and I brought it to you to discuss what I should do, you gave me several options. Repair this one, purchase a new vacuum, or purchase a refurbished Kirby which came with a five year warranty. The cost was just a little more than the repairs would have been to my old 30 year Kirby.

I decided to purchase the refurbished. I didn't have all the parts to my old machine with me, but you sold me the refurbished Kirby and said I could drop off the other old parts any time I was in the area. I just love my new Kirby and it runs so much better than my old one. You also gave me a much nicer extension hose than the one that came with the machine.

You and your other staff are always very pleasant and joke a lot. Thank you for asking me for my comments. I have already recommended you to some of my friends.

- Linda

"My wife and I were extremely satisfied with the work that both Mike and Jeff did cleaning our furniture. I can't remember the last time I felt that I got my money's worth. I certainly felt I did in this case. I expect to be using you again soon and often. Thanks again for a job well done."

- Barry B.

"You can rest assured that I will continue to buy all my future vacuum cleaners from you."

- Jordan M.

"Just a quick note to describe my recent carpet cleaning with Capital Vacuums. As I recall the cleaners name was Mike and a few words about him first. Mike arrived on schedule and explained the process to me as we walked thru the areas to be cleaned - I was taking advantage of your "whole house special". He answered any questions I had (i.e. regarding the furniture cleaning process and the carpet cleaning process - drying time, etc.) My carpets were not visibly heavily soiled but they were imbedded with pet oils, odors and hair etc. as I have two large dogs.

Every area came out looking really nice; the living room furniture looked like new; the drying time was no longer than expected and the dog smells/hair were gone. Even areas of the house where the carpeting was very old and the heavy traffic areas came up looking almost like new. I have recommended you to someone in my office."

- Dianne

"I contracted with you to clean my carpets, couches, and restore my slate floor back to the original condition. You sent one of your employees “Mike� to the job. I have to tell you he is FANTASTIC! I have never seen such a hard worker. He is very conscientious and takes a personal interest in seeing that the task he is working on is done to perfection. He is pleasant, very capable, hard working, and enjoys what he does. It is rare to find a person with his work ethic."

- Sue Ann G.

"I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my tile floor. It looks brand new."

- Dawn L.

"My older Kirby vacuum was refurbished at your store and works like when it was new, I am very satisfied. Capital Vacuums cleaned my rugs in the whole house, upstairs and down. What a wonderful result, the whole house has taken on a fresh clean feel and appearance. I am very satisfied with all the jobs I have given to Capital Vacuums to do.


"Courteous staff - helpful with any questions - no high pressure - just facts and options. No hidden costs."

- Cindy F.

"The guys spend the time to get out the tough stains."

- Lew S.

"I would recommend your company for professional carpet cleaning services. Your team did a great job. My rugs were perfectly cleaned. It didn't take a lot of time and your price was very reasonable.Thank you for a great job!"

- Robin

"A few comments about your company and the service provided. In speaking with you on the phone to inquire about cleaning our kitchen tile floor, you provided all of the information about the products you use and the results to be expected. All of our expectations were met! Your personnel are the best.

They were as fussy as if it were their own floor and even came back a second time to go over some areas. We knew that the grout needed cleaning but were amazed at how much brighter and more colorful our tiles came out. We couldn't be more pleased. Thanks."

- Loretta & John O

"The whole experience was very professional but at the same time there was a personal touch - thank you."

- Valerie J.

"You guys are the best!"

- Sheri G.

"We are so pleased with the outcome of having our grout in the kitchen stained and sealed; the floor looks brand new after having it cleaned. Also, we appreciated your prompt service. Thank you."

- M A.F.

"We are very pleased with the service we received from capital vacuums- prompt, courteous and high quality. We would definitely recommend Capital Vacuums."

- John De

"The young man who showed up did a great job. My husband seldom raves about a company or service. You must have done an incredible job to receive such a glowing recommendation from him. The sofa looks great - no spot. I was amazed!"

- S. G.

"I recently had Capital Vacuums clean all the carpeting in my home. I would like you to know that I was very pleased with the work that was done. Your service man was very helpful and pleasant and I would not hesitate to have you do my carpets again. I am not surprised that I was happy with your carpet cleaning because I have been in your shop a couple of time to have my vacuum serviced and once I had a problem with grout and on both occasions your staff has been more that helpful and have solved my problems for me. Thank you for all your help."

- Judy

"Great job [and] extremely nice people."

- Carolyn M.

"Convenience and flexibility. Also great customer service."

- Matt S.

"Both in the office and during the job, the three people I spoke with were friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful. Marty did an excellent job on the tile. I will call again. Thanks."

- Mary Beth B.

"Rec'd your card concerning my new power nozzle (Love It!!). I am continually impressed w/your service. If I could sum up my continued experience with Capital Vacuums it would be: On-line pricing with small town service!

I am willing to leave the "comfort bubble" of Clifton Park to get products, repairs or a carpet cleaned by you because of the fair pricing and the feeling that you and your staff will do the right thing EACH time. And you can quote me. Thanks again,"

- Sue G

"I Appreciate the no-nonsense honest response to my phone call Re: removing a tar/grease stain from my carpet. Another company quoted me a minimum just to come out. You gave me a better price including two chairs. I hadn't expected to have the chairs done but they look brand new and the grease stain came out of the carpet right away. I've used your shop for several years to have my vacuum cleaner repaired [and] cleaned [and] I've always been satisfied. I had no idea that you were [also] the carpet cleaning company until I saw the van pull up. Next time I need to buy a new vacuum cleaner, I'm heading your way. A special thanks to the technician who came to our house. He was fantastic."

- Susan R.

"Capital Vacuums has performed carpet cleaning in our home twice. I recommended them also to do the carpet and upholstery cleaning for the office where I work and it's a good sized place. On all counts, Capital did an excellent job. The appointments were kept on time, the staff was courteous and professional and the results excellent."

- Barbara R

"Attentive and informed assistance in selecting a vacuum cleaner."

- Emily H.

"The polite workers. The eagerness to do a good job. A pleasing attitude."

- Colleen S.

"Every time I have stopped into the store, or called for service, I have been greeted by friendly knowledgeable employees. I have been into your store mostly to purchase bags for my Kirby vacuum. I recently stopped by to ask for help 'unloading' an old Kirby vacuum cleaner. Even though there was no sale involved, your staff was very honest and spent time helping me figure out the best option (*). When I called for upholstery cleaning services, you responded promptly and the technician who did the cleaning was very friendly and professional. Even though I haven't purchased a vacuum from you, I wouldn't hesitate to do so, as I have been very impressed with your customer service. I wish you the best in the launch of the new website."

- Diana

"Attentive and informed assistance in selecting a vacuum cleaner."

- Emily H.

"The polite workers. The eagerness to do a good job. A pleasing attitude."

- Colleen S.

"You guys are great!"

- Sandy A.

"But not your typical "Dear John" letter. This one I right with joy and relief that my Kirby was finally repaired and I did not have to invest in another vacuum cleaner at this difficult financial time. As you may recall, I have a wool rug that seems to shed and I thought that was the cause of the Kirby not working properly and that packed wool fibers was creating a burning smells every time I used it. After having a service overhaul at Capital Vacuums, I was disappointed to come home and find the same problem persisted. You were very courteous when I called a little frustrated that the machine was still not working like the Kirby I knew. Of course, you offered to look at the machine again at no charge. This time the problem was indeed caked up "ghook" for lack of a better word that built up around the motor causing the burning smells. I was delighted when I got home and vacuumed. There was no more burning smells and my old Kirby operated like a new machine! Thank goodness because otherwise my current financial status would dictate that I'd have to use a broom! Thanks Capital Vacuum!"

- Brigitte

"Prompt attention. Did not try to sell me something I didn't need."

- Shelley D.

"Staff is informative – quick response to service requests. Service is guaranteed. I have a neighbor that I will refer to you."

- Diane C.

"Thank you very much, for taking your time and talent for our company, We are a new company and you provided the right information with the vacuums. Thank you again,"

- Nancy

"John just wanted to say thanks for the good service. You showed up on time, which I like, and you did an excellent job, which my wife likes. Add in a great price and now were both happy!

I never knew you cleaned carpets. Im glad we found you by accident with our dyson repair. We have 2 dogs and light carpet, so we will be using you in the future. Thanks again,"

- Mike

"You did an Excellent job. Exceeded my expectations."

- Mildred B.

"Great job. Very informative [and] courteous."

- Margaret B.

"On time. Returned phone calls. Quality work."

- Cheryl H.

"My home has a slate foyer inside the front door and the slate continues down a hallway to the kitchen and into downstairs half bath. The grout originally was gray, but over the years in many areas the grout had turned black. I tried several over-the-counter cleaners (on hands and knees with grout brush) with no luck. After seeing an ad for Capital Vacuums for "grout cleaning", I called for an estimate. John came the next morning and the estimate was very reasonable. Mike, the technician, came the same day to do the work. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The slate and grout looks like new. I was VERY pleased with service and results. I also had our Family Room rug cleaned, and was very pleased. I would definitely recommend Capital Vacuum to my friends and family.

I wanted to take this time and write about my experience using your tile cleaning services. I was very satisfied with the professional manner of your staff. John came in that day and cleaned and sealed all of tile floors. He even did colorization of the grout in the upstairs bathroom.

The floors came out looking great, better than when they were first installed and have been very easy to maintain ever since. Thank you for providing this service and I will tell all of my friends."

- Sharon