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Special Report How To Choose Your Next Vacuum Cleaner

Posted by John Gregory on Wed, Mar 19, 2014 @ 11:03 AM

How To Pick Out Your Next Vacuum Cleaner!

Here's what to look for:

1. How Well Does it Clean?

All Vacuums are not created equal. Does it really get the dirt and dust out? 


2. How Easy is it to Use?

The vacuum you buy should be tailored to your needs. It should be easy to use for every task you need to accomplish.

For example, do you need to clean multiple types of surfaces? Or maybe you need to clean cobwebs off the ceiling? If so, make sure you get something flexible enough to adapt to every surface.

It's all about making sure a vacuum does what you need it to do. Only you know how you use your vacuum.

Do you use it for just carpets and floors? Do you use it as a tool to take care of the entire house?

Maybe you need more than one Vacuum for all the different jobs. 

You can have a great vacuum that really cleans well but if you can't stand the idea of taking it out of the closet, what good is it?

Again, you will be vacuuming for a long time. There's no getting away from it.


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3. How Long Will it Last?

You'll be vacuuming for years to come. Don't throw away your money on a vacuum you'll have to replace in 18 months. Shouldn't you have a vacuum that's durable and covered by a great warranty? One that will clean well for years?

Better to spend a little more and get a lot more than to spend a little less and get a lot less.

A vacuum that lasts 10-15-20 years will cost a lot less in the long run versus the vacuum that only lasts a year or two. Believe it or not there are still vacuums made that you can still be using 20 years from now.

Get a vacuum with a good warranty that will be around for a long time.


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4. Does it Make The Air in Your Home Cleaner or Dirtier?

Get a vacuum with a disposable bag and good filtration. It's a lot cleaner and healthier. The bagless just doesn't make a lot of sense. You do all this work to clean your home and then stand over a garbage can and open a container full of dirt. The dust goes everywhere. 

Plus, it's a lot less expensive to maintain a bagged machine vs a bagless. Bags hold a lot more dirt than a dirt cup. Usually can put 10+ dirt cups into one vacuum bag. And they don't cost nearly as much as filters. 

Get a bagged Vacuum!

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5. Where Should You Purchase It?

Get the Vacuum from a Vacuum Cleaner Store. Either at the Vacuum shop or online. Get the vacuum from a company that knows vacuums and can help you with your needs. Get the Vacuum from a company that will give you something extra.

Bottom line is, once you've decided which Vacuum you want, the only thing that realyy matters is where you purchase it. The Vacuum is the same no matter where you get it! The something extra comes from where you purchase it! 

The Vacuum cleaner manufacturers are in the business of making vacuum cleaners. The Independent Vacuum dealers are in the business of selling the Vacuums. Pick the Independent Vacuum Dealer that gives you something extra above and beyond what the manufacturer gives you. Extra warranty, price match guarantee, good return policy, extra product etc...

Search til you find that company that offers something extra. You'll know it when you see it!


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