The World's Greatest Vacuum Store?

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Posted by John Gregory on Sat, May 28, 2011 @ 12:05 PM


The young man, Mike, who did our rug did a great job.They look great and he did a good job as well in takingup the moisture - they were dry within a few hours. I will definitely use your service again in the future, and would not hesitate to recommend anyone to you.  Definitely worth the fair price charged. Thanks" - Simonne M. Carpet Cleaning Customer Ballston Spa, NY

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"They did a great job and when they left the carpet looked great and
cleaned up all their mess.  However, a few days later we saw a big black spot reappeared (this was grease from a treadmill that disappeared during the initial cleaning) My husband called and spoke to someone and they immediately said you would send someone out without hesitation.   I believe it was David (Dark haired, Boston Red Sox fan??) who came back out and explained that some times it is in the pad and will come back through.  The stain is virtually gone down David was great, he was very friendly and very helpful.  My 4 year old son was very intriqued in what they were doing with the vacuums and he was very patient and friendly with my son who was watching their every move.  I appreciated that! We will definately be calling you again for carpets and grout cleaning and will  recommend you to anyone looking.  thank you for the great service!" - Angela Liotta Carpet Cleaning Customer Waterford NY


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What does your Vacuum Cleaner Store Look Like?

Posted by John Gregory on Sun, Mar 13, 2011 @ 11:03 AM

What does your vacuum cleaner store look like? You know what clean is. Does your vacuum store have that fresh and clean feeling? Does it smell good? How do you feel when you are there?

Give these questions some thought before you purchase your next vacuum cleaner. Its important to get the right vacuum cleaner for your needs.  You will be vacuuming for a very long time. It is also very important to purchase your next vacuum cleaner from a vacuum store. The right vacuum cleaner store! Theres only one way to choose the right vacuum store. Visit a few of them. you will know when you are at the right one.

Is the store clean?  - You are going to the vacuum store to get a professionals opinion on a product that will be an important tool in helping you to keep your HOME clean. The vacuum store sells CLEAN. You can't really expect to get advice on cleaning your home if the store is not clean. Ask yourself, "What do they know about clean?" Take a good look around. Is there dust on everything? Take a look down. What does the carpet and flooring look like? You know the clean, fresh feeling you want in your home. Does the vacum store have it?

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If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where there are several vacuum stores, visit as many as possible. Most of my customers are fortunate enough to have a lot of choices where to buy a new vacuum cleaner or have theirs serviced. In addition to many Big Box Stores (one of the worst places to purchase a vacuum cleaner) there are more than 10 Vacuum Cleaner stores within a 30 - 45 minute drive. Our store is one of Five Vacuum cleaner stores in a seven mile stretch. Four of thoose stores on the same road!


vacuum cleaners albany clifton park delmar troy nyWe encourage customers to stop in all of them. You will know when you are in the right one!

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No Compromise when it comes to your Vacuum Cleaner & Your Home

Posted by John Gregory on Mon, Mar 7, 2011 @ 11:03 AM

I have a friend who writes a blog for the local newspaper. The name of his blog is "The Uncompromised." He writes about people, services and products that he calls "Uncompromised." I read his blog whenever I get a chance and when I think of it. It usually has a positive, inspirational message. I always read it to give myself an edge or as a motivator to do a little more in my business. I always thought about how it relates to the way I run my business but never gave too much thought to the products and services we sell.

Vacuum Cleaners albany ny

Of course we are always concerned about the quality of our products and services,  I don't think there is another company around that cares as much as we do about customer satisfaction. I just never gave much thought to how much that word relates to the experience we are trying to provide at Capital Vacuums. That is until a customer told me that they would "never compromise" again when it comes to their vacuum cleaner.  

The customer came into our store looking for a specific tool for his vacuum cleaner that had worn out form using it regularly. We didn't have the specific brush in stock but we offered a few other attachments and the option of ordering the exact attachment he was looking for. This was the customers response, " I was always one to purchase a cheap $100 vacuum and replace it with another cheap $100 vacuum. Then about Four years ago my father in law gave us an expensive $1000 vacuum. After using that vacuum for the past four years, I will NEVER COMPROMISE again when it comes to my vacuum cleaner." 

vacuum cleaners albany ny
Wow! Why didn't I think of that!

In the vacuum cleaner business and carpet cleaning business for almost 30 years and never once did I use those two simple words when explaining why someone would use our products and services. We'll leave the details about what uncompromised is to his blog (plus you'll probably know it when you experience it - if you are paying attention), but there are a few areas where most of us would agree there is no room for compromise and one of them is our home.

The quality of your vacuum cleaner is not something you want to compromise. As much as we may or may not want to use it or think about it, you will be using that vacuum cleaner for A Long Time!

Never Compromise, find the right vacuum cleaner for your home and your cleaning habits. 

Look for the Vacuum Cleaner cleaner that;

  1. Cleans well - obviously very important to find the vacuum cleaner that gets the dirt out. Don't Compromise!
  2. Is EASY to use - you can have a vacuum cleaner that cleans well but if you can't figure it out or hate using it, what good is it? There are a lot of easy to use Vacuums available. Don't Compromise!
  3. Lasts a long time - you will be vacuuming for a long time . You should get a vacuum cleaner that is going to last. Instead of having to spend time at the repair shop or shopping for a new vacuum in a year or two. Get a vacuum that will last 10-15-20 years, they are available. Don't Compromise!

vacuum cleaners albany ny

Be sure to find a "No Compromise" vacuum cleaner store. That is where you should get your vacuum cleaner. It might take a little time and a few visits but they do exist. Visit a few of the Vacuum cleaner stores in your area and you'll know if you are in a "No Compromise" store.

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