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Posted by John Gregory on Sat, May 28, 2011 @ 12:05 PM

We are starting to get some great feedback on the SEBO Vacuum Cleaner. 

Here's what some of our Vacuum Cleaner customers had to say:

"I was very satisfied with your service and thus far with my purchase of the SEBO. My husband says, "Are you vacuuming AGAIN?!". I really like the machine very much, and as you said, it is doing a deeper clean than my 30 year old Silverado. That being said, I still love my Electrolux's and will not part with them. They populate my basement and upstairs but I do take the SEBO upstairs too.

When I walked in your store last Saturday I did not intend to walk out with a vacuum. I just wanted to check out what you had. I had heard very good things from my friend and colleague, Kathy M. who recently bought a refurbished Dyson from you. She is very pleased with product and customer service.

On your survey you asked what I like least about your store and the only thing I can think of is the difficulty of getting out on Central Avenue because of heavy traffic.

I am having fun showing off the new machine to my family. They roll their eyes because not everyone relates to liking vacuums like I do, but they are happy for me. It is really quiet too and the pets don't seem to mind it much. Speaking of pets, I cannot believe how much fur it picked up AFTER I had already vacuumed earlier last Saturday before getting the SEBO -- amazing. I have also found that it has cut down on the amount of dust on my furniture as well.
Thanks so much, and I'll see you soon when I come in to use my $25 gift certificate that you will send me." - Betsy D. SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Customer Schenectady, NY


Miele Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Albany NY"We received your very nice note yesterday and wanted to let you know that we LOVE our Sebo.  It's easy to use and picks up the vast amount of Saint Bernard hair that we have all over the house.  Love the length of the cord and the ease with which we get around!
Thanks again for the note.  Great to hear from you.
Best," - Elise H. SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Customer Delmar, NY

"We felt very welcome and were given a lot of information, of course you didn't have to try real hard , I fell in love fast. I love my new SEBO vacuum! It has made my house cleaning easy and fun. Thanks! Also like your repairman Ron (the famous Ron the repairman). He has a good sense of humor and made us feel at ease." - Nancy C. New SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Owner


 p.s. still lovin' the SEBO!

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