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Get First Class Service At Your Local Vacuum Store

Posted by John Gregory on Tue, Jan 5, 2016 @ 21:01 PM

The best place to get your vacuum serviced or shop for a new vacuum is your local vacuum store. Your local Vacuum Store will give you 1st Class Service that you can't get from a big box store.


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Our Vacuums Kickass!

Posted by Josh Gregory on Mon, Apr 15, 2013 @ 16:04 PM

The following is an email sent to us regarding a customers vacuum cleaner purchased from KICKASSVACUUMS!

"Just received my wonderful vacuum.  I was soooo exacted that it was light weight because of my Arthritis in my hands, hips, feet, and back.  I already vacuumed one room with such delight. It made me want to dance!  I have been looking for a very light one for 2 years without success.  HAPPY -HAPPY -HAPPY!"

Visit KICKASSVACUUMS.COM for information on our upcoming web store as well as our new carept cleaner and spot remover!

Our vacuums Kickass!

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Kickass Carpet Cleaner In A Can Is Here!

Posted by Josh Gregory on Tue, Apr 9, 2013 @ 17:04 PM

Our new Spray Foam "KickAss Carpet Cleaner In A Can" is here!  We use this stuff all the time to maintain the carpet in our showrooms. We intentionally installed regular residential inexpensive carpet in our stores about 4 or 5 years ago just so we could show customers how to properly maintain their carpets. For the last five years we have been using encapsulating dry foam carpet cleaner to keep the nap lifted, remove soil, keep them smelling fresh and looking great. In my opinion (In this business for 30 Years and own Two vacuum Cleaner stores and a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company with Thousands of satisfied customers) It is, without a doubt, the most cost effective, best way to keep the carpet clean and looking great!  It takes about 10 Minutes and less than $10 to get an entire room of carpet looking great and smelling fresh!

Swing by Capital Vacuums in Albany or Charlie's Vacuums in Glens Falls to check out the new Kickass carpet cleaner in a can!


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Posted by Josh Gregory on Thu, Mar 28, 2013 @ 15:03 PM

KICKASSVACUUMS.COM is an upcoming online vacuum super store!  As an extension of Capital Vacuums, KICKASSVACUUMS.COM brings "mom and pop shop" customer service and care to the web!  We'll be carrying everything from vacuum cleaners, bags, filters, belts, parts, and air purifiers.

Check out the intro video to KICKASSVACUUMS.COM below!

Coming June 2013!


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How to Choose your next Vacuum Cleaner

Posted by John Gregory on Wed, Sep 19, 2012 @ 17:09 PM

How To Choose Your Next vacuum Cleaner

Want to Make Sure You're Getting the Best Value?

Of course you do. Look - you'll be vacuuming your home for years to come. Shouldn't you get a vacuum that will last? Shouldn't you buy one that will save you money in the long run?

We think so. That's why we've assembled five tips for evaluating a vacuum purchase.

1. How Well Does it Clean?

All vacuums are not created equal. Does yours really get the dirt and dust out? Make sure to ask your salesperson just how well it gets the dirt out of your carpet, and the grunge off your floor.

2. How Easy is it to Use?

The vacuum you buy should be tailored to your needs. It should be easy to use for every task you need to accomplish.

For example, do you need to clean multiple types of surfaces? Or maybe you need to clean cobwebs off the ceiling? If so, make sure you get something flexible enough to adapt to every surface.

It's all about making sure a vacuum does what you need it to do.

3. How Long Will it Last?

You'll be vacuuming for years to come. Why throw away your money on a vacuum you'll have to replace in 18 months? Shouldn't you have a vacuum that's covered by a great warranty? One that will clean well for years?

Make sure to ask your salesperson how well a vacuum will be cleaning in a few years. If he's not sure, maybe you're not shopping at the right place.

Ask about the warranty, too. Is one available? Does the vacuum need to be shipped somewhere just to get repaired?

If so, maybe you should reconsider your purchase. We offer a great warranty on all of our products. We keep every part you can think of right here on hand, and we service all of our vacuums on the premises. That means you have less downtime and less cost. We'll even loan you one of our own vacuums until we have yours repaired and working like new!

Try to get that kind of service from a department store.

4. Does it Make The Air in Your Home Cleaner or Dirtier?

Air quality is a major health concern, especially in homes with children or senior citizens. And your vacuum could be contributing to the problem.

Make sure to ask your salesperson - "Does the dirt stay in the machine?" Listen for an answer that includes HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrest) filters. These filters must pass a test that certifies them to remove 99.97% of potentially hazardous particles from the air. Without HEPA filters, you can't be sure how much dust your vacuum is just blowing back out into the air you breathe.

If your salesperson doesn't talk about HEPA filters, maybe you should get a second opinion.

5. Where Should You Purchase It?

No vacuum is indestructible. Make sure to buy yours from a shop that can service it and supply it with the parts you need, even years down the road.

That's the kind of service that we're proud to provide. We have our own experienced repair staff who will work on your vacuum right in our service department. We make sure they have all the parts and tools they need to get the job done right and in a timely manner.

We make sure to keep replacement parts for years down the line. All to make certain that no matter how long ago you bought your vacuum, we can make it run like new.

You won't get that from a "big box" store. That's the kind of service you'll only get from a dedicated local vacuum shop.

vacuum albany ny



Capital Vacuums


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How your Vacuum Cleaner Store Experience Should Be

Posted by John Gregory on Tue, Jan 24, 2012 @ 23:01 PM


vacuum albany ny



We recently purchased our 3rd Simplicity from you.  
The first was for ourselves, the next two for our daughters as they purchase their homes.
We all love our vacuums.
Thank you for your continued great service and great products."  
Lucy M Capital Vacuums Customer Albany NY
vacuum albany ny
"Hi John.
Wanted to let you know that the vacuum we bought from you store has been doing it's job real well. We were really impressed with the friendlyness of your staff. They could not do enough for us. You gave us many gifts for the vacume as well cleaning products.  I had such a great experience in your shop I would gladly refer you to friends and continue to do business with your company. 
Thank you once again for the great service."
Margaret Capital Vacuums Customer

"Hi John,We got your thank you card in the mail last week. We LOVE the Sebo Felix!! Our cats don’t even mind it much. It so much quieter than our old one. Thanks again for everything. We’re very pleased." Paula and Jim M Capital Vacuums Customer Albany NY

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SEBO - World's Greatest Vacuum At Albany NY Great Vacuum Store

Posted by John Gregory on Sat, May 28, 2011 @ 12:05 PM

We are starting to get some great feedback on the SEBO Vacuum Cleaner. 

Here's what some of our Vacuum Cleaner customers had to say:

"I was very satisfied with your service and thus far with my purchase of the SEBO. My husband says, "Are you vacuuming AGAIN?!". I really like the machine very much, and as you said, it is doing a deeper clean than my 30 year old Silverado. That being said, I still love my Electrolux's and will not part with them. They populate my basement and upstairs but I do take the SEBO upstairs too.

When I walked in your store last Saturday I did not intend to walk out with a vacuum. I just wanted to check out what you had. I had heard very good things from my friend and colleague, Kathy M. who recently bought a refurbished Dyson from you. She is very pleased with product and customer service.

On your survey you asked what I like least about your store and the only thing I can think of is the difficulty of getting out on Central Avenue because of heavy traffic.

I am having fun showing off the new machine to my family. They roll their eyes because not everyone relates to liking vacuums like I do, but they are happy for me. It is really quiet too and the pets don't seem to mind it much. Speaking of pets, I cannot believe how much fur it picked up AFTER I had already vacuumed earlier last Saturday before getting the SEBO -- amazing. I have also found that it has cut down on the amount of dust on my furniture as well.
Thanks so much, and I'll see you soon when I come in to use my $25 gift certificate that you will send me." - Betsy D. SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Customer Schenectady, NY


Miele Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Albany NY"We received your very nice note yesterday and wanted to let you know that we LOVE our Sebo.  It's easy to use and picks up the vast amount of Saint Bernard hair that we have all over the house.  Love the length of the cord and the ease with which we get around!
Thanks again for the note.  Great to hear from you.
Best," - Elise H. SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Customer Delmar, NY

"We felt very welcome and were given a lot of information, of course you didn't have to try real hard , I fell in love fast. I love my new SEBO vacuum! It has made my house cleaning easy and fun. Thanks! Also like your repairman Ron (the famous Ron the repairman). He has a good sense of humor and made us feel at ease." - Nancy C. New SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Owner


 p.s. still lovin' the SEBO!

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