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Our Customers Really Like their SEBO Vacuums!

Posted by John Gregory on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 @ 18:03 PM


"Hi John… just want to say I LOVE my new Sebo!  Not only the house… but I really love being able to vacuum my car with it… uprights were just never designed to do that!  I also love the little “extension” device to reach Into all those little crevices I could never reach before!  Thanks for doing a great sales job!" -  Nancy Capital Vacuums SEBO K3 Customer West Sand Lake NY

Capital Vacuum Cleaners Albany NY

"Hi John, I received your thank you card and request for comments in exchange for spot remover and vac. bags.  I was in need of a new vac. and identified and subsequently visited 3 vac. stores in the area.   I bought the vac. from you b/c I liked the Sebo best out of all of the brands and models that I tried.  The pricing seemed fair, especially when compared to Miele .  The explanations were clear and all of my questions were answered, it was an easy transaction.  I use the vac. weekly and really appreciate that it works so well and is so easy to operate.  I have already told a couple of my friends about the good experience w/ your store and how much I like the new vac.!  Thank you for asking!" Mary Capital Vacuums SEBO K3 Customer Albany NY

 Capital Vacuum Albany NY

"Hi John, I received your card thanking us for purchasing the SEBO vacuum.  I should be the one thanking you.  I LOVE it!  I am amazed and delighted with how it cleans.  My favorite attachment is the floor ‘broom’ (for lack of a better word), it works really well.  I liked my Dyson vacuum very much when I first had it, it had a lot of oomph (more then other vacuums that I had had), but it never had the pick up power that the SEBO has.  Since I have been used to an up-right it was a little awkward using the canister at first.  BUT, I have gotten used to it and do like how much easier it is to get under furniture without having to change an attachment.

When we went into your shop I had no intention of purchasing a new vacuum.  I am glad you changed my mind.  You and your staff are very pleasant people.  We had a good experience in your store and look forward to a continued good relationship." - Helen M. Capital Vacuums SEBO K3 Customer East Greenbush NY

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