The World's Greatest Vacuum Store?

The Local Vacuum Store Brings Vacuum Back To Life!

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Full Recovery For Abused Vacuum

Vacuum came in not running and in pieces but after a day or two at the local vacuum store runs perfect. 

Check out the before and after pictures and videos. Bring your vacuum to your local vacuum store for a free estimate and a tune up. 


brokenvacuum.jpg  vacuum repair.jpg



Video of Vacuum Performing Like New!

Click For Free Repair Estimate


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Clean Obsessed? Visit Your Local Vacuum Cleaner Store!

Posted by John Gregory on Wed, Mar 15, 2017 @ 15:03 PM

Another great reason to visit your local vacuum cleaner store!  The Clean Obsessed Line Of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners! Available ONLY AT YOUR LOCAL VACUUM STORE!

Clean Obsessed Commercial Uprights, Canister and Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Clean Obsessed Vacuum Line.jpg  Clean Obsessed Commercial Vacuums.jpg

Clean Obsessed Commercial Vacuums are a heavy duty line of vacuum cleaners that are great for Restaurants, Hotels, Office Buildings and Your Cleaning Business! Built to last, easy to use, they clean as good or better than the competition and they're affordable. Visit your local vacuum store  to test drive the Clean Obsessed! For a dealer near you, visit or Call 1-800-263-KICK(5425).


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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Service at Capital Vacuums

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Your Miele Vacuum Cleaner Needs To Be Tuned Up! EVERY Vacuum Cleaner needs to be cleaned & Serviced.

Every time you use your Vacuum Cleaner you throw dirt in it. At some point it needs to be serviced at the local vacuum repair shop.

Here's why:

  • Filters clog with fine dirt and need to be replaced
  • The motor needs to be cleaned of dirt and debris.
  • Belts stretch or break and need to be changed
  • Brushrolls wear out and need upgrading to groom/lift nap of carpet better

Drop your Vacuum Cleaner off at Capital Vacuums for a FREE Estimate to Clean & Service.


Miele Service Specials



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Does A Dyson Vacuum Need Servicing? Who Services Dyson?

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Yes Your Dyson Vacuum Needs Servicing and Your Local Vacuum Store Is Where You Go!

Your Vacuum Cleaner has to be cleaned and serviced. Think about it. All you do is throw dirt in it everytime you vacuum. Of course it's going to need to be cleaned out.  

Especially the Dyson, Shark ot any other Bagless Vacuum.  Bring it to your Local Vacuum Store and get it tuned up. The vacuum repair expert will disassemble the machine, clean out the filters, clean out the motor, clean out the cyclone, replace the belt (if needed), replace brushroll (if needed), sanitize and deodorize.

Your Vacuum will come back cleaning and performing at 100%. The Vacuum will be fresh and clean so you're not putting last years smelly dirt in your closet.

For the Local Vacuum Dealer near you, go to or call 1-800-263-5425(KICK).

011.jpg 024.jpg


Dyson Vacuum Service Saratoga Springs NY.jpg  Dyson Vacuum Service Glens Falls NY.jpg

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Electrolux Vacuums Still Sold & Serviced Door To Door?

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They Don't Sell Them Like They Used To!

Do they still make them like they used to?

There's not to many companys selling products door to door anymore. You can still get your Electrolux serviced but you should bring it to your local Vacuum Store for repair and a fair price for parts and supplies.

Electrolux_Silverado_Albany_glens_falls_ny.jpg   electrolux albany ny.jpg

 electrolux glens falls ny.jpg   Electrolux Upright Service Albany NY.jpg   electrolux vacuum repair albany, ny.jpg

Visit your local Vacuum Cleaner Store for Repair, Parts, Supplies, Bags Etc.. for your Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner. 

Call 1-800-263-5425 For Your Local Vacuum Store or Visit



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Don't Throw Your Vacuum Away - We Can Save It!

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Vacuum Cleaners Are Not Disposable!
Don't Throw Yours Away! We Can Save It!

Click Here For Our Latest Coupons!


Free Evaluation - Is It Worth Fixing?

FREE Consumer Guide Is It Worth Fixing? Click Here!

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Clean The Carpets Before or After The Holiday?

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Should You Clean The Carpets & Floors Before or After The Holiday?

You should clean Before & After!

No reason to call a professional carpet cleaning services. Open up a can of KickAss! And your carpets and floors can be clean all the time!



This is the most effective, affordable & easy way to keep your home clean. Every home should have a Magic Carpet Brush and a KickAss Carpet & Bare Floor Cleaning Ki

The KickAss Carpet & Bare Floor Cleaning Kit!

Includes everything you need to Clean Carpets & Floors Looking Like New!

MagicBrush.jpg  KickAssProducts.jpg





Check out the Video of the Magic Carpet Brush in action!

Check out the Video of the Magic Carpet Brush in action!

Available Online or at Your Local Vacuum Cleaner Store!


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Put A Little Boost In Your Cleaning With The X4 Boost!

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Sebo Makes The World's Best Vacuum Cleaners!

They Did It Again!

Introducing The All New Sebo Automatix X4 Boost Vacuum!


The Most Technologically Advanced Vacuum Cleaner Available.

Cleans Better! Easy To Use! Lasts Longer!

Visit the Capital Vacuums or Charlie's Vacuums Showroom To See what the BOOST is all about!

Sebo_x4_Boost_albany_ny.jpg Sebo_x4_Automatic_Boost_.jpg






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The Shirt That's SWEEPING The Capital Region

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You'll be amazed at just how clean you can be!

So clean you'll want to shout about it!

The Shirt That Screams "CLEAN."

Get Clean (and the shirt) At Capital Vacuums in Albany 





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Everything Must Go! Or Stay! at the Capital Vacuums

"No Pressure, You Decide, It's Up To You" Sale

No Reasonable Offer Refused On Any and All Rebuilt Vacuums at Capital Vacuums

Stop in or Don't. It's your decision.

Brands Include: Electrolux, Kirby, Shark. Oreck, Miele, Rainbow, Eureka, Kenmore, Dyson and more!

No Reasonable Offer Refused On Any and All Rebuilt Vacuums at Capital Vacuums!

Stop in or Don't. It's your decision.


Rainbow_Vacuum_Albany_NY.jpg Electrolux_Silverado_Albany_glens_falls_ny.jpg

Shark_Vacuum_Albany_NY_Saratoga_NY_.jpg Oreck_Vacuum_Albany_NY_Saratoga_Springs_NY.jpg

Kirby_Vacuum_saratoga_springs_glens_falls_ny.jpg Dyson_Repair_Albany_Saratoga_Springs_glens_falls_ny.jpg




Make An Offer (Click Here)


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