The World's Greatest Vacuum Store?

Vacuum Cleaner Store Review

Posted by John Gregory on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 @ 17:03 PM


"Hi John,

We appreciate the "thank you" card requesting an opinion about how you
did when we bought our vacuum from you, on 12/31/2011, if I am not

1. We absolutely love our new blue "mighty might" vacuum cleaner with
the metal piping.

2. What we like best is that it sucks, unlike our old "stick" vacuum
which had a really hard time picking up almost anything visible.

3. We would certainly shop with you again.  In fact, several years ago
we stopped in for a hose to a very old "mighty might" that we owned,
and someone at your store sold us a used hose at a lower price than a
new one would have cost us, and we used it until the old unit motor
burned out.  So we came back!

4. Absolutely, we would refer friends to your store.

5. Maybe a fuller stock would improve your store, but I'm stretching
for some constructive criticism.  When we recently bought our machine,
we got the floor model because no other was on hand.  But, perhaps
that is more a reflection on the speed that you turn machines around.


Bob D. Capital Vacuums Vacuum Cleaner Customer Albany NY

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